Monday, June 27, 2016


Hello beautiful people! Everyone remember that cookies and cream song by 112 from back in da day? Not the day but da day lol. That's what came to mind when I saw this shirt! That use to be my jam anywho as we all know I currently just dyed my hair to this strawberry blonde color to warm up my face during the summer. I am absolutely loving it by the way. Being that it is short season and hot as all get out, shorts have definitely been a staple within my summer closet! While getting an oil change last week I had to wait around for my vehicle to be maintenanced for about an hour. I decided to go for a little retail therapy. So I walked about a mile up the road to the nearest good will. Although I had no business in any store, I was there looking. I happened to stumble across this buttoned downed shirt in the dress rack. I'm not sure if this is a dress or not but the way my hips are set up there is no way I can get this shirt to button all of the way down. So it will be worn as this fabulous shirt. The detailwithin this shirt is utterly amazing. Although the pattern is so cumplex, it also has gold detailed hand beading over the upper region. I loved it so I knew it was coming with me. Being that the shirt is so busy I just teamed it with a solid pair of cream shorts. To compliment the black in the shirt I wore my black Bebe wedges that tie around the ankle. As for accessories, I wore my cream watch that is not funtionable but always serves great as a nice piece of arm candy. Last but not least my gold thigh chain to top off the look! That concludes my look, hope you enjoy. Until my next post! 


Tuesday, June 14, 2016


HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Do you all know how long it's been since I last posted on here! I mean I'm sure you can check below and find that out, but let me save you the hassle! It has been about a year minus 2 months. Well 10 months! That's a mess, my bad ya'll I've been trying to get life together. Moving and work literally has been kicking my bootay! I'm back though *sigh* I am back! So today I was supposed to head out to record an intro for this thigh chain tutorial that I am doing! Every time I wear a thigh chain I get questions such as i.e. Where did you get that from or What is that? So I decided to do a tutorial on how to make your own being that they are hard to find and if you do happen to find one it'll be too small anyway. While getting dolled today, it began thunder storming. So not cool! So I decided to take a nap, by the time I woke back up the sun was back out! I went out alongside my sister who acted as today's photographer, only to notice it was too dark outside to film video. So I decided to scratch it and film it another day. We ended up at Waffle house to get something to eat. While leaving I noticed the clean wall and just decided to shoot still shots atleast for the gram (MIND YOU the employees were looking at us like we were crazy *shrugs*). After looking at the photos I got the bright idea to blog about it. So here we are, BLOGGING! I chose this tank from Old Navy that I purchased in Orlando about a week ago. Sidebar speaking of Orlando, I'd like to send my condolences to the families who were some affected by the attack. It disgusts me so much to know that we STILL, like CURRENTLY, like in the year 2016 have to deal with such hate! It's mind bottling to me and so sad to say that I share land with such human beings! HUMAN BEINGS that we ALL are. We all bleed red man. We have got to do better as a species. Okay I digress! Back to the outfit. I teamed the tank with a pair of sweat shorts that I purchased from Forever 21 (years ago). Being that I was playing off of these neutral colors (grey), I could've pretty much teamed any shoe with it! I decided to go with these cognac fringe tie up sandals. The cognac within this bowling hand bag complimented my heels. To tie in everything together, I wore my metal bracelet that was gifted to me from my father who is currently living in Puerto Rico. It has a jade stone in the center and bronze within the detailing that just complimented everything. You can see my thigh chain on my left leg but being that I couldn't take video I'll highlight it in a later post. Sometime soon! Be on the look out for the video and blog post.  That completes my look, until my next post beautiful people! BE SAFE!


Friday, August 21, 2015


So.........It has taken me 4 whole days to do my faux locks! With that said now that I'm done, I ABSOLUTELY love them. Never would I had thought I'd ever have any sort of locks (faux or not) in my head. Initially coming from Philly I had a misconception that locks were unkept or "dirty". That was just because of pure ignorance! After moving to Atlanta for college in 2002, I met a number of classmates from DC/LA that opened my eyes to another world. Locks then became intriguing to me. When I recently began to wear my natural hair, I began to read about locks. The past; the history; the meaning; the culture; Afraid of fully committing; I then learned about a protective style that could give  you the look without plunging in 100%.  FAUX LOCS!!!! I've been wanting to do the faux looks all summer, but am just getting around to doing them. Now that they're done I can honestly say that I am in love with them. I feel so in love, in tune and confident right now. I did document the process; a step by step tutorial on how to do your own FAUX LOCKS. If you'd like to see it CLICK HERE!! I also was inspired to create some lock accessories. Some for the top or bottom. I'll leave the link below if anyone is interested in purchasing the lock jewelry. I'm going to be enjoying the next two week with these locks in my head.

Until next post,


 BOTTOM JEWEL            



Friday, June 26, 2015


Hello Beautiful People,

So as you know already I am in the process of moving. I'm not going too far just need more room to house all of my stuff! With that said I have to get rid of a lot of stuff as well! I've sent bags and bags to good will already. I've decided to pick a few pieces to sell and create a little THRIFT STORE with my used goods! Also I created a LITTLE STORE where I will sell pieces that I've created numbers of and will be selling them on here as well. Figured I may as well use this blog for some good right!? Be sure to check them both out for sales and great pieces. :)

Until Next Post,


Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hello Beautiful People,

So for this get up in particular, I got dressed thinking I'd be going to a day party in New York City. Only to end up getting there at night time and ended up going to a number of gentlemen clubs. Whichever the case I was still dressed for the occasion. Any outfit including heels always is festive enough. SIDEBAR: I came up north due to my baby sister's 12th grade graduation. *tear tear*  I was so emotional and proud of her. Back to the outfit, so I wanted to wear a pair of shorts but it's about that time to get waxed again so I have to keep my upper leg area covered. The denim knickers which are also known as Bermuda shorts was the best alternative. As for my tank, This is the best tank of all tanks. It has slits on the sides which places more emphasis on the hips; high lighting the womanly figure. Shoes! I constantly get asked about these shoes every time I have them on! I purchased these shoes at Macy's months back. They are by Chinese Laundry and are currently on sale on the Chinese Laundry official site. The photo below is linked to the site. As for accessories, my father is here for the graduation as well. He resides in Puerto Rico now so he always is baring gifts every time he visits. He bought this cuff and collar set which I adore!!!!! It has copper, gold and silver metal throughout it and a turquoise stone in the center. He mentioned it was hand crafted. He knows me oh so well. I purchased my hat from Marshall's the other day. I wore it thinking I may be in the sun at this "day party" I was supposed to be going to lol. It is cream and black with a gold button along the side. Hair is big and curly and that concludes my look. Be sure to check out the Shop The Post section below for Inspo. Hope everyone is having an amazing day thus far.

Until my next Post,



Friday, June 12, 2015


Hello Beautiful People,

So today was a Movie date day. I went and caught a matinee of Jurassic World. The movie was utterly amazing. It's a must see! 

So for the get up, I kept it chill and neutral. All grey with a pair of camel heels. The get up is clearly all about the shorts. I made 

these harem shorts a few years ago. They have drawstrings at the legs and the belt is merely decoration. I wanted something 

going up the leg to compliment my shorts, so I went with these camel sandals by Bebe. Olive and cognac purse is from Bakers. 

To compliment the purse I wore my silver, gold and olive cuff. Studs in my ears to keep it simple. Hair is wild as usual and that 

concludes my look. I couldn't find a pair of grey harem shorts that looked like these so I won't be doing a shop the post section 

today :/ If anyone sees any please let me know. Hope everyone is having an amazing Friday.

Until my next post,


Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hello Beautiful People,

So the busted boyfriend HUH!? Figured that was the perfect name for this outfit. We've all been there huh ladies. WHEW *wipes 

forehead* Lol But anywho, back to this get up. So this get up is dedicated to the busted boyfriends. Let's start off with the Star 

Wars graphic T-shirt. I rolled up the sleeves over my arms to give it a masculine feel. I'd like to say this shirt is from target. Just 

about every store carries all kind of graphic Tees. Although the shirt is a staple itself, the outfit is clearly all about the jeans. 

These are a pair of Lee jeans that I purchased at Good Will not too long ago. They did not come busted nor did they come with 

holes. I bought them specifically for that reason. I created the wholes and busted them myself for a sense of character. Then I 

also rolled them up on the bottom. Black wedged shoes are by Bebe. I didn't do too much for accessories, being that I wanted 

to keep the look as masculine as possible. I have on a Michael Kors chunky watch and a pair of studs in my ears. Hair is wild as 

usual and a red lip to seal the deal. You'd want it to look as if you literally dressed up in your boyfriend's clothes and put on a 

pair of heels with it. ;) That is all. This concludes my look. For inspo be sure to check out the Shop the Post section below.

Until My Next Post,