Friday, December 20, 2013


           So I figured I'd do an entry/vlog on the Smokey Eye. Doing make up, this has got to be one of the most common looks I do (Especially when I am doing creative looks for photo shoots). The Smokey Eye is when a shadow is applied to the lid. The shadow may or may not be blended into the brow bone creating a smooth transition. Although the look is known to be done with a dark colors such as black or grey, it can also be done with other vibrant colors. 

        I personally love a Smokey eye on myself. I tend to wear a Smokey Eye when I am heading out for the night whether it be dinner, club, out with friends etc. It gives a great contrast to the eye. I only do it when I have a the spare time, being that this look takes a little bit more effort. Blending is very important for the smokey eye, done wrong it can look as if you're walking down the street with two bruised eyes. I also compliment the smokey eye with a nude or natural lip. You don't want your lips and eyes to compete with each other. NOT UNLESS you're absolutely going for the dramatic look. If that's the case, a bold red lip can definitely be worn with a smokey eye. That's as far as I would go personally. Don't be afraid to try it on yourself!

 To see how I accomplish my Smokey Eye feel free to watch my Smokey Eye Tutorial. Below are examples of my work while doing the Smokey Eye on Clients/Models.

Here is a Sketch of a Smokey eye for a Mac Collection

Examples of how I've used the Smokey Eye in my work

Smokey Eye with Color: Photography by CW Jacobs

Smokey Eye with Brown Shadow: Photography by Elvis Piedra

Smokey Eye Done for an Avant Garde Photoshoot: Photography by Calvin Evans

Me with my Smokey Eye Look 

Hope this entry was helpful! Remember don't be afraid to try it out......Have a good weekend you guys and be safe!

Love Lingy

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