Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So it's carnival season again, I can't begin to tell you how UBER excited I am to be playing mas again this year!!! This year I will be creating a bit more for my Costume! I will be playing with Madd Colors again. The theme is called Apocalypse.....ooooooooooo I know right! Okay so when I first heard about the theme I imagined blacks, reds, oranges, grays etc. I just envisioned mass destruction! So I was right about the orange and red. Madd Colors revealed their awesome Costumes on the 29th of last month at the official band launch!!! CAN YOU SAY AWESOMENESS! I had a show out of town so I missed it :( but I stalked the sites until the costumes were up! They have 3 different sections PHOENIX (which is red, gold & yellow), KORINE (which is aqua, yellow, silver & lime) and PHEADRA (which is purple, yellow & white). I will be in the Korine section! whoop whoop! Amazingly all three costumes sold out in a matter of three days this year! These masqueraders are not playing this year! I plan on documenting everything I can this year. I also plan on partaking in the events prior to. Last year I was in the house making my wings and such things! Womp Womp! So yes I'll be vlogging the entire time! Stay tuned!

Here is what the costumes look like for 2014 :)))

For those who do not know what Carnival is all about, let me inform you. This way you will have an understanding on why Caribbean folk are scantly clad parading through the streets in feathers and dancing to music! LOL

CARNIVAL began when African slaves in the Caribbean countries/islands were banned from their masters’ masquerade balls. The slaves would stage their own mini-carnivals in their own backyards. While doing so, they would use their own rituals and folklore, but imitate and sometimes mock their masters’ behavior while at the balls. There are many parts of carnival. The origin of street parties associated with J’ouvert which coincide with the emancipation from slavery. This emancipation provided the African slaves with the opportunity to not only participate in Carnival, but allow them to embrace it as an expression of their newfound freedom. Today carnival is celebrated worldwide. Nowadays carnival still consist of J’ouvert and other festivities such as band Launch parties and Cooler Fete. During Mas, Masqueraders celebrate in the streets with lavish costumes while dancing to soca and calypso music. There is also a band contest that takes place. Carnival is a huge part of the Caribbean culture, tradition and history.

I also have a video up on MY EXPERIENCE PLAYING IN CARNIVAL (from last year's festivities), Definitely watch it! If you are in Atlanta or will be here during Memorial Day Weekend and would like to play in the paint section definitely come join us! CLICK HERE to get your T-Shirt!

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This is a picture of the gang last year!

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