Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hello Beautiful People,

So the busted boyfriend HUH!? Figured that was the perfect name for this outfit. We've all been there huh ladies. WHEW *wipes 

forehead* Lol But anywho, back to this get up. So this get up is dedicated to the busted boyfriends. Let's start off with the Star 

Wars graphic T-shirt. I rolled up the sleeves over my arms to give it a masculine feel. I'd like to say this shirt is from target. Just 

about every store carries all kind of graphic Tees. Although the shirt is a staple itself, the outfit is clearly all about the jeans. 

These are a pair of Lee jeans that I purchased at Good Will not too long ago. They did not come busted nor did they come with 

holes. I bought them specifically for that reason. I created the wholes and busted them myself for a sense of character. Then I 

also rolled them up on the bottom. Black wedged shoes are by Bebe. I didn't do too much for accessories, being that I wanted 

to keep the look as masculine as possible. I have on a Michael Kors chunky watch and a pair of studs in my ears. Hair is wild as 

usual and a red lip to seal the deal. You'd want it to look as if you literally dressed up in your boyfriend's clothes and put on a 

pair of heels with it. ;) That is all. This concludes my look. For inspo be sure to check out the Shop the Post section below.

Until My Next Post,



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