Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hello Beautiful People,

So for this get up in particular, I got dressed thinking I'd be going to a day party in New York City. Only to end up getting there at night time and ended up going to a number of gentlemen clubs. Whichever the case I was still dressed for the occasion. Any outfit including heels always is festive enough. SIDEBAR: I came up north due to my baby sister's 12th grade graduation. *tear tear*  I was so emotional and proud of her. Back to the outfit, so I wanted to wear a pair of shorts but it's about that time to get waxed again so I have to keep my upper leg area covered. The denim knickers which are also known as Bermuda shorts was the best alternative. As for my tank, This is the best tank of all tanks. It has slits on the sides which places more emphasis on the hips; high lighting the womanly figure. Shoes! I constantly get asked about these shoes every time I have them on! I purchased these shoes at Macy's months back. They are by Chinese Laundry and are currently on sale on the Chinese Laundry official site. The photo below is linked to the site. As for accessories, my father is here for the graduation as well. He resides in Puerto Rico now so he always is baring gifts every time he visits. He bought this cuff and collar set which I adore!!!!! It has copper, gold and silver metal throughout it and a turquoise stone in the center. He mentioned it was hand crafted. He knows me oh so well. I purchased my hat from Marshall's the other day. I wore it thinking I may be in the sun at this "day party" I was supposed to be going to lol. It is cream and black with a gold button along the side. Hair is big and curly and that concludes my look. Be sure to check out the Shop The Post section below for Inspo. Hope everyone is having an amazing day thus far.

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