Tuesday, June 2, 2015



Hello Beautiful,

So this was definitely WELL OVER DUE!!!!! I’ve been telling myself how I needed to create a blog page to home everything!
The thought alone was overwhelming! I am moving soon and decided to do an online yard sale to purge. The only problem was trying to figure out where the sale going to be? Why not do it on the blog page I’ve been wanting to do for forever! RIGHT!? That’s only right! So I put my big girl panties on and deciding to create the site! So here goes nothing!!!! This is my OFFICIAL first entry on Lingywashere.com! WELCOME ALL!!! SO let’s get straight into the #OOTD shall we?!?

For today’s outfit, I chose to wear a bunch of prints. My zigzag blouse is actually Thrifted. I pulled it off of a rack and immediately said Yep I like it! It has the straps in the center that is to be tied. Sometimes I do this regardless if it does or doesn’t. My shorts are a pair of Ankara high waitsted shorts that I made not too long ago. I absolutely love working with these fabrics. :) I chose to wear these butter scotch colored heels to mute everything out on the bottom. My specs are from forever 21, I wore these to change it up a bit. Hair needs to be twisted so until then, it will remain in this bun lol! That concludes my outfit. Until next entry! Have a great Day/Night!

Love Lingy

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