Friday, August 21, 2015


So.........It has taken me 4 whole days to do my faux locks! With that said now that I'm done, I ABSOLUTELY love them. Never would I had thought I'd ever have any sort of locks (faux or not) in my head. Initially coming from Philly I had a misconception that locks were unkept or "dirty". That was just because of pure ignorance! After moving to Atlanta for college in 2002, I met a number of classmates from DC/LA that opened my eyes to another world. Locks then became intriguing to me. When I recently began to wear my natural hair, I began to read about locks. The past; the history; the meaning; the culture; Afraid of fully committing; I then learned about a protective style that could give  you the look without plunging in 100%.  FAUX LOCS!!!! I've been wanting to do the faux looks all summer, but am just getting around to doing them. Now that they're done I can honestly say that I am in love with them. I feel so in love, in tune and confident right now. I did document the process; a step by step tutorial on how to do your own FAUX LOCKS. If you'd like to see it CLICK HERE!! I also was inspired to create some lock accessories. Some for the top or bottom. I'll leave the link below if anyone is interested in purchasing the lock jewelry. I'm going to be enjoying the next two week with these locks in my head.

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 BOTTOM JEWEL            



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