Monday, June 27, 2016


Hello beautiful people! Everyone remember that cookies and cream song by 112 from back in da day? Not the day but da day lol. That's what came to mind when I saw this shirt! That use to be my jam anywho as we all know I currently just dyed my hair to this strawberry blonde color to warm up my face during the summer. I am absolutely loving it by the way. Being that it is short season and hot as all get out, shorts have definitely been a staple within my summer closet! While getting an oil change last week I had to wait around for my vehicle to be maintenanced for about an hour. I decided to go for a little retail therapy. So I walked about a mile up the road to the nearest good will. Although I had no business in any store, I was there looking. I happened to stumble across this buttoned downed shirt in the dress rack. I'm not sure if this is a dress or not but the way my hips are set up there is no way I can get this shirt to button all of the way down. So it will be worn as this fabulous shirt. The detailwithin this shirt is utterly amazing. Although the pattern is so cumplex, it also has gold detailed hand beading over the upper region. I loved it so I knew it was coming with me. Being that the shirt is so busy I just teamed it with a solid pair of cream shorts. To compliment the black in the shirt I wore my black Bebe wedges that tie around the ankle. As for accessories, I wore my cream watch that is not funtionable but always serves great as a nice piece of arm candy. Last but not least my gold thigh chain to top off the look! That concludes my look, hope you enjoy. Until my next post! 


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