About me


Lingkoya Washington, popularly known online as Lingy Was Here, is a multifaceted creative producer, artist and social media sensation. "What would happen if we all saw ourselves as beautiful whether the shape color or form?” was the question and a social media experiment marking the start of Lingy’s online self-discovery in 2012. Lingy has since has amassed over hundreds of thousands of views and over 50 Thousand subscribers on youtube & Instagram. Collaborating with brands such as Express clothing as many others, this brand is empowering women/men one entry at a time.


Lingy's unique background as a classically trained dancer, a clothing designer/tailor and a seasoned make up artist with nearly ten years of experience has enabled her to work both in front and behind the lens. Lingy began her social media journey doing halloween make up tutorials and how to videos. With her unique skill as a clothing designer, off season she then began to do style inspiration videos empowering and inspiring woman of all sizes. That's where the slogan began, "It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it". While purchasing ready made clothing is great, one too can shop and recycle clothing and look just as good. Not only does it show individuality it is also great from the wonderful world we live in.

Throughout the year of 2020, Lingy was also able to use her unique skill as a tailor to produce hundreds of masks to protect individuals from one of the world's most horrific pandemics COVID 19. 


The brand LINGY WAS HERE was created to empower women/men of all shapes and sizes and all walks of life.