What's Christmas without a tree!? For the past 5 years, I have been passing the Christmas seasons without purchasing a tree. I literally have been saying I wanted one but just haven't gone to get one. 6 years ago I was approaching the end of a 7 year long relationship. Every year while in this relationship we had always put up and had decorated a tree. Since the ending of that relationship, I have not purchased a tree. Perhaps it was because I hadn't felt the need to, or perhaps it was because I felt as though it was purposeless.

This year was different, this year I was pretty determined to make Christmas happen. My Christmas spirit began rather early this year. I merchandise accessories part time from Mon-Friday for DSW (the shoe store). Of course in retail, every season begins early. If I recall, we began Christmas marketing literally the week of Halloween. That early! Soon after, I immediately found myself eager to get a tree. Within a few, I had already figured out my tree colors. I went to purchase my ornaments (mind you without even having a tree) and my poinsettias. It was right in time because I was getting my place ready just in time for my mom's visit. By the time mom dukes came, the crib was in order. It was also feeling a tad Christmasy by this time. I went home to Philly for a week then came back even more determined to get a tree. Not just any tree but a real tree for a few reasons, 1 because I don't have room to store an artificial tree (although I know they are better for the environment); 2 being that this would literally be my first "official" tree (the first tree that I purchased with my own hard earned coin) I wanted to experience the entire experience; 3 it made for GREAT photos; and 4 because I wanted to smell the lovely smell of pine every single time I entered my abode.

Today 's forecast was projecting 20% of rain. The day started off cloudy but approximately around 11 am, the sun began to peek through. The clouds came and went but it was not raining which was a plus. I knew that today was going to be my only chance to get my tree being that it's supposed to rain the entire weekend. So any other day isn't going to work now is it? I went into the city and found my tree! It was beautiful not too tall or too skinny. There was a gentleman by the name of Roger who was very helpful. He was not playing with this tree. I told him exactly which tree I wanted, and he picked it up and asked where my vehicle was. He wrote me a sales ticket for my tree and told me to take it into the office to pay for it. My tree was a whopping cost of $68. Roger put my tree into my trunk and I happily drove off until the sunset. Well actually I drove to the dollar tree to look for a tree stand first. They did not carry any stands, so I picked up a few more ornaments. I ended up at Home Depot for the stand then immediately came right home to put up my First tree.

To pick out my tree I decided to go with something comfortable. A pair of high waisted jeans form Primark. I teamed it with a white buttoned downed blouse that I thrifted not too long ago. To add some character to my fit, I wore some leopard print booties by Franco Sarto that I purchased from DSW of course. For outerwear I wore a camel coat that was thrifted as well. To embellish my fit I wore a fanny pack to carry my belongings. For a little wrist candy I chose to wear my Apple Watch.

When I tell you that I am so happy with my tree, I mean I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY TREE!!! Doe anyone else feel the way I am feeling!? Let me know.

Until my next post,


For more images, check out the collage below.

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