Lucky Me, Lucky Me, Lucky Me! While shopping for my business casual Lookbook, I found this green suit while thrifting. You all know that I thrift on the regular basis. More importantly, every last Wednesday of the month. Every last Wednesday of the month Value village has a 50% off sale on all clothing. Although thrift shop prices are already ridiculously low, slap another 50% on top of the already low prices. So while shopping with may buggy in hand, I passed through the suiting racks (being that I was on a business casual mission). I came across this green plaid skirt paired with a suede jacket. Although I rarely gravitate to green, it was an interesting 2 piece. Clearly this suit was a brand new suit as well, I could tell by the tag that was still hanging on the skirt. On the tag, it read "3 pieces" although there were only 2 pieces hanging onto the hanger. Apparently there a a piece missing. If only I could see what that third piece was. Perhaps a vest? I don't know but I wish I would have seen what it was. Either way, I was glad to get my hands on these coordinates. I tried it on while at Value Village and the fit just blew me away. Guess how much it was when I checked out? The suit was marked $14 which means I paid $7.50 for it! Can you say BARGAIN!?

While dressing for the new video, I chose to mix all sorts of prints. The plaid skirt was already a print for itself. I already made it my duty to pair the pieces with my newly found mules (that I too found at value village during the same shopping trip). The mules are a beautiful Sam Edelman zebra/cheetah printed mule that are too cute. To compliment the black stripes within the print, I teamed the suit with another printed blouse. This polka dot blouse was also a thrifted number, but from another thrifting trip. As far as a bag, I threw on a black chained crossbody that I thrifted as well. It resembles a Chloe bag. I paid about $5 for this bag as well. I absolutely love the way this ensemble turned out. I call it Lucky Me. Below are more images as well as a link to my look book featuring this look.

Hope you all enjoy,

XOXO Lingy,


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