Happy 2019 Loves!!! 🍾 Can you believe it!? Whew time is just flying by. I came into the new year on a ehhhhhhhhh type feel. After attending a Vision Board Party held by one of my friends and having a few conversations I am feeling like I can rule the world and dare anyone who attempts to get in my way. LOL In other words I feel unstoppable, motivated, determined...... just to mention a few. Okay so back to the vision board party; I have a friend by the name of Samantha who has always been that friend who I can bounce ideas and thoughts off of. Sam is a driven entrepreneur who owns her own dance studio. Her drive is out of this world to say the least. Every year she creates her vision board right before the new year. This year Sam threw a Vision board party where we all created one. What is a vision board you ask? A Vision board is pretty much a board of images that you cut out of a magazine of goals that you wish to achieve. Something that you can look at throughout your year as a reminder of what you set out for at the top of the year. Having a vision board, unlike a calendar you have to see it. Having something visual plays onto the subconscious, which allows one to put action behind your goals. For example, I want to be consistent, I want to be reminded that I am a queen, I want to save more money, I want to travel more and I want to buy a house. These are a few things that I put onto my vision board this year and my vision board is hanging up in my sewing/work room. This way I have to see it every single day.

I bring up the vision board and Sam because we all need people in our lives to remind us of just how great we are and to put things back into perspective. Last night I spoke with Sam and another great friend by the name of Dee. Dee is into fitness and has her own fitness Company by the name of Curvy Girl Fitness. Dee and I go back like a Cadillac with 4 flats. LOL She too was at the Vision board party. Anywho, we are all entrepreneur women who are extremely driven. Every now and then we need to have conversations that make you get your ish together. Last night we all spoke to the wee hours in the morning about all we needed to do regarding our businesses. We also set timelines, this way we could hold each other accountable. It was a much needed conversation. Moral of the Story is everyone needs a Dee and Sam in their lives. Friends who are uplifting, motivating, NOT in competition with you and absolutely want the best for you. I also have many other great women in my life who too are uplifting and are deeply cherished in this heart of mine. Mama Mia, my mother and baby sister are definitely on my list.

This morning I woke up with a fully charged battery, I woke up saying I am creating a post of today's OOTD, and here we are. Everyone knows that I am an avid thrifter. My Focal piece to this look was this skirt. I found this skirt while thrifting about a month or two ago. It's originally from The Limited. Although it's freezing out I decided to wear it without any pantyhose. In hindsight I would have definitely paired this look with some panty hose. I chose to wear a turtleneck bodysuit with my skirt. One of the most versatile pieces of all time is a turtle neck especially for the winter. It can be worn alone or it could always be worn as a layering piece. For outerwear; whats screams structure more than a wool pea coat. This too was thrifted. I pulled this into the look one because it's extremely warm and 2 because it always enhances a look. To keep the black going, I paired everything with a pair of calf height faux leather boots by Jessica Simpson. To compliment the leather in the boots I tied a waist fanny pack that I paid $5 for at Five & Below. Of course my metal of choice is gold so over my turtleneck I wore this multi chained necklace that I got from Walmart. Yes Walmart!!!! It's not what you wear, It's how you wear it!". My mane to the gods and that is pretty much the look. For the year 2019 let's get ourselves into over drive and surround yourselves with the most positive friends of all time.

Until My Next Post,


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